About Peace Village

Peace Village began in 1995 as a summer day camp, created in collaboration between the Congregational Church of Lincoln City, the Peace Studies department of Pacific University and the Native Youth Council of the Siletz Nation. We now have over 20 camps across the nation and programs for children of all ages, families and adults. We have created a dynamic curriculum that utilizes four main elements as it’s foundation: Conflict Resolution, Connection to the Natural World, Media Literacy and Cultivating Inner Peace.


Along with our foundational classes,we teach:

  • Creative expression through art and music.
  • Appreciation for a variety of spiritual traditions.IMG_5595
  • Non-competitive play
  • Community service opportunities.

Our programs include:

  • Summer camps and camp director trainings
  • After school programs
  • Middle and high school curriculum
  • Adult and family workshops
  • Professional trainings


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