About Peace Village

Peace Village was created in 1996 to address the culture of violence that surrounds our young people.  Using engaging methods, skilled educators and community leaders, and the uniting spirit of nurturing our young people, we began to create a vision of peaceful world in which our children have the tools for peaceful empowerment.  Initially begun as a summer day camp on the Oregon coast, Peace Village has grown to include three core programs and offers curriculum at 19 sites around the US.  This curriculum, which has elements for all ages, is designed to offer students practical skills of conflict resolution, media literacy and nutrition education, coupled with more abstract ways to gain multicultural awareness, and to understand and respect their own minds and bodies.  While the curriculum is extensive, in essence, it focuses on three primary themes:

  • Understanding the roots of violence and how to lead a peaceful life
  • Respect for diversity, including cultural, spiritual and environmental.
  • Community service education

The curriculum addresses every source of the conflict and agitation that lead ultimately to violence, and offers many ways of confronting that violence in the day to day.  Moreover, the curriculum focuses on diverse community learning (our programs host teachers and students from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, and Native American backgrounds to name but a few), and offers students a comprehensive view of the messages and practice of peace from a variety of world traditions, both spiritual and secular..

Office: Peace Village Inc.

4615 SE Main Street

Portland OR 97215


Charles Busch
Lincoln City, Oregon
Founder of Peace Village; Ordained Minister, United Church of Christ
M.A. Trinity University, Master of Divinity and Merrill Fellow, Harvard University

Board of Directors

Wintry Whitt Smith                                                                                                                                
Board President      

Portland, OR

Director, Tumbleweeds Playschool
Director, Amani Education Project
B.A., Peace and Conflict Studies, Pacific University

Elizabeth Wilson                                                                                                                                  

Corbett, OR

Rand Bishop
Newport, OR
Award-winning songwriter, author, screenwriter, magazine columnist, and song craft coach



Charles Busch
Lincoln City, Oregon
Fields of Peace Liaison

Gordon Payne
Lincoln City, OR
Retired Marketing executive General Electric; Capt., U.S. Army Ranger (Vietnam Veteran)B.S. Citadel

Darren Reiley
Eugene, OR
Educational Consultant and PeaceJam Liaison

Mark T. Waller, Presiedent BridgeWorks Capital
Lake Oswego, OR

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