Peace Village:  creating global peacebuilders

Our vision is the global community living as empowered peace builders.

The philosophy of Peace Village begins with the belief that collaboration within our communities is essential to peacemaking.  We encourage community organizations, educational groups and faith-based organizations to come together to support a Peace Village program in their community.

The Peace Village curriculum is focused on using the first three classes, Mindful Movement, Connection to Nature and Media Literacy to prepare students for the development of real skill with our fourth class in Conflict Resolution. We recognize and encourage each human being’s inherent potential for inner peace. We believe a connection to nature inspires and sustains human beings as they strive to cultivate a sense of peacefulness. We believe creating an awareness of the media’s impact on society is necessary for the promotion of peace within the individual and the community.  

We focus on teaching students to build inner strength as they learn to transform conflict and become mindful peacebuilders. Acknowledging that we all encounter the challenge of conflict, Peace Village integrates its core curriculum with music and the arts to inspire and empower each person to make significant changes in the world.  Since its inception, thousands of people have participated in our programs throughout the nation. Peace Village creates a place to come together, to learn and to practice peacebuilding. 

Our mission is to provide tools that encourage understanding, inspire connection and build sustainable peace.

My four children have attended the Lincoln City Peace Village Camp where they learned and practiced concrete skills...they are forming a world vision of peace as young citizens. I think that is powerful and important.
— Mom of 4 Peace Village campers
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