Welcome to Peace Village!

Our vision is a world where people have the tools and inspiration to build and sustain a peaceful way of life.

Lasting peace is built on a foundation of mutual understanding and respect. The essential goal of Peace Village is mandala with everyone!to create settings in which the tools to build and sustain peace are made available and practiced. Through an integrated network of unique opportunities, people learn that peace is an active process in which they can take part. Since its inception, thousands of people have participated in our programs throughout the nation. Peace Village creates a place to come together, to learn and to practice peaceful ways of being. By investing in people of all ages and cultures who are contributing their knowledge and talents, each program truly becomes a village.



Our mission is to provide tools that foster understanding, inspire connection and build sustainable peace.

Peace is something we create through collaboration. Start a local program, join an existing Peace Village camp, or support us with a tax deductible donation using the button below.

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